Move forward with open finance

Our API solutions help the leading companies of today and the tech unicorns of tomorrow launch new financial services

Why Ayoconnect

Ayoconnect takes care of the heavy lifting of compliance and supplier relationships so you can build, launch, and grow with financial services faster.

Licensed and certified

We are proud holders of Category 1 Payment Service Provider license (PJP) from Bank of Indonesia and PCI DSS Certified.

Launch in weeks, not years

Build and launch financial services on your platform using our suite of APIs in as little as 6 weeks.

New growth opportunities

From direct debit payment methods to white-label banking services to smarter lending. Our full stack solutions can help businesses achieve growth in various ways.

Trusted by 200+ brands

Our technology is behind some of the most successful and appreciated financial services brought to millions of consumers by industry leaders.

What you can build

NEW: Direct Debit

Collect recurring and one-off payments directly from customers' bank accounts.

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Send funds instantly to one or multiple bank accounts at minimum cost.

In Beta

Recurring Payment Management (RPM)

Streamline your Revenue Operations using our subscription billing solution with just one API integration.

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Digital Products

Integrate 4,000+ digital products and bill payments from 24 categories seamlessly via one API.

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Virtual Card Numbers

Simplify B2B payments using virtual cards with increased efficiencies, enhanced controls, more security and better data visibility.

In Beta

Income Verification

Instantly verify a person's income with secure, real-time bank, phone number and NIK data.

In Beta

Account Opening

Allow your users open a bank account in hours and not days - with easy KYC and onboarding process.


Send funds to e-wallets with one single instruction.

Bank Statements

Instantly verify business account ownership with data straight from banks for easy customer onboarding, payout security or direct debit setup.

Cash Out (Retail)

Allow your customers to withdraw cash at any Indomaret counter.

Licenses & Associations

Powering solutions across industries

From direct debit payment methods to white-label banking services to smarter lending, we’ll help you create what your users need.

Build the future of banking with open finance

Build stronger credit models, reach new audiences and personalize your offering by accessing and enriching your users’ banking data from other institutions and alternative sources.

Launch banking products without worrying about compliance and regulation

Whether you want allow your users to open a bank account within your platform, obtain statements of their bank balances or want to issue your own branded credit or debit cards, we are building banking services that you can launch without needing to be a bank.

And the best part, we also take care of the compliance, regulations and data security for you.

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Make faster and more accurate lending decisions

Our Income Verification solution provides you with your user’s income data of up to 12 months.

With just one integration, you are able to avoid the hassle of obtaining paperwork and get real-time information about your users that is in a standardised format.

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Developer-first approach

With just a few lines of code, you can launch financial products and services within weeks instead of years.

Tap into our full stack technology through one API integration.

Move your business forward

If you’re a bank looking to unlock the power of open finance, a growing fintech looking for a technology partner or a technology company looking for tools to launch new financial services on your platform – our APIs are built to enable ideas of all shapes and sizes.

Want to know how Ayoconnect can help your business move forward with Open Finance?