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Why pursue a Career in Fintech? How does Ayoconect empower its employees?

Why pursue a Career in Fintech? How does Ayoconect empower its employees?

February 12, 2022

Each person can have different motivations for selecting a particular industry to work with, including fintech. But why pursue a career in fintech? Well, for starters, this industry is projected to grow considerably in the next few years. The world that we know of today has become more connected than ever. The digital world will eventually connect all services a human can need, including financial services. The banking sector has benefited from the fintech industry’s rapid evolution and support in overcoming many obstacles. Although the business is still developing, you would need knowledge in various engineering and technological fields.

Career in the fast pace fintech industry

When asked 'why work in fintech', one reason is that this field benefits those who welcome their opportunities and learn to adapt to their culture.

We have all felt the pandemic's impacts for the last couple of years. Many industries are affected badly. During the lockdowns and large-scale social distancing, many companies had to shut down—including major ones. The rest, who are strong enough, need to adapt to the changes to make sure they can still operate.

Thus, we see the rise of the Financial Technology (fintech) industry among other financial industry. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of fintech to support the ever-changing lifestyle of people. They come up with digital-based products and solutions for the market. This is a breakthrough since time and space can no longer limit their services. With the exceptional growth during these two years, fintech is a promising industry.

Benefits of working in fintech

Fintech firms offer benefits for everyone, not only for the users or consumers but also for people who work in this industry. Why consider a career in fintech? One might ask.

As a growing industry, you can expect many changes and evolution in fintech, from big data to artificial intelligence (AI) or automation to machine learning (ML). Advancements in this field will support consumers’ demand for more efficient and secure transactions. You can gather much knowledge from working experiences, especially if you work in a large company. As a result, you and your company can use all the innovations to maintain speed and flexibility in a rapidly changing industry.

In a quick-growing sector like fintech, you might anticipate daily job growth. Contrary to older industries, as fintech professionals, you are expected to constantly acquire new technical skills and expand your domains of competence. In fintech, you are afforded the chance to work with bleeding edge technologies and this can only benefit you in the long run.

Many reasons to work with Ayoconnect

At Ayoconnect, you can experience the life of a fintech startup, a place where finance and technology converge. Why should you even consider a career path with Ayoconnect? Maybe because we thrive on raising the bar, where constructive expectations are met. Having a bias for action is necessary since being proactive is always better than passively reacting to your work environment. You then can make your mark that can positively impact the company. We also believe that if our staff acts like the owner, they will fight for the organization since they have developed a sense of kinship. Delivering the highest quality performance and participating in the discussion is proof of striving for excellence and driving progress.

The former Chairman of Aviva plc, Sir Adrian Montague, once said, "Culture is the glue that binds an organization together. It has a very significant impact on the firm's effectiveness, ethics, and governance." In this case, we can agree that the people's culture at an organization can be an asset. That's why at Ayoconnect, we believe in these values that will let one grow with the team—from the board of directors to all employees. And growing means moving forward; to do that, we start by empowering our employees.

We make sure each individual has what it takes and needs to create fintech products that later will empower other people too. And we know we can’t do it alone, so great teamwork plays an essential role in our ecosystem. By working together, we empower each other, resulting in a greater chance to move people forward with our products.

Ayoconnect understands 'why work for fintech' is a common question for many. As you learn more about the benefits of fintech, you can learn about what to expect by working in this field. As a fintech API platform, Ayoconnect is driven by our mission to help improve the digital economy in Indonesia. Companies can connect with other services and financial institutions with our API-based solutions to reduce friction. For more information on our services, visit Ayoconnect now!