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Ayoconnect’s FAST Disbursement Now Supports Real Time Online Transfers to 130+ Banks in Indonesia

Ayoconnect’s FAST Disbursement Now Supports Real Time Online Transfers to 130+ Banks in Indonesia

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May 15, 2023

In conjunction with recent updates from Bank Indonesia regarding their BI-FAST, also known as BI Fast service, we are thrilled to announce that Ayoconnect's FAST Disbursement solution (powered by BI-FAST) now offers ease of transaction support for bank transfers and fund disbursements to over 130 banks in Indonesia!

Through this expansion, Ayoconnect aims to further streamline the disbursement process for businesses and individuals, facilitating more cost-effective and real-time transactions. Our enhanced service presents even more opportunities for seamless payments, salary distributions, and supplier settlements, benefiting businesses of all sizes across various industries.

What is BI-FAST?

BI-FAST System is a real time online payment service launched by Bank Indonesia (BI) in December 2021. It was created to fuel the consolidation of the national retail payment system industry and further support the end-to-end integration of the digitalization of the country's financial ecosystem. It offers a suite of instant digital payment services, including credit transfer, and sending funds. The implementation of this realtime online transfer system represents a pivotal moment in the digital transformation of payment services in Indonesia, offering increased convenience and financial accessibility to a large portion of the population, available 24/7.

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5 Reasons Ayoconnect’s FAST Disbursement System is Perfect for Your Business' Real-Time Transfers in Indonesia


Low Transfer Fees

With Ayoconnect's FAST Disbursement Solution, you can enjoy the benefit of a lower transaction fee, as each transfer costs less than IDR 2,400. This cost-effective feature allows you to save on transfer expenses, maximizing the value of your business transactions and improving your business's overall financial management.

Large Transfer Limit

Experience ease of transaction and the convenience of sending substantial amounts with Ayoconnect. Our FAST Disbursement Solution enables you to transfer up to a maximum of IDR 250 million per transaction, providing you with the flexibility of sending and receiving payments of large amounts bank transfer efficiently.

Convenience Guaranteed

Ayoconnect's FAST Disbursement Solution offers unparalleled convenience of transaction by allowing you to transfer funds to over 130+ banks across Indonesia, available for both single or bulk transactions. With such extensive coverage, disbursing funds to multiple recipients is now made faster and more efficient, making it easier to send money regardless of the recipients' banking institutions.

Available 24/7

Say goodbye to restricted banking hours or working days. Ayoconnect's FAST Disbursement Solution is available 24/7, ensuring that you have the flexibility to make payments instantly at any time of the day. We also have a customer service team available to assist you easily and quickly with any issues, including on weekends and public holidays. This round-the-clock accessibility empowers you to manage your business transactions conveniently.

Real-Time Disbursements

Speed matters, especially when it comes to fund disbursements. With Ayoconnect's FAST Disbursement Solution, your receivers will obtain the funds instantly. This real-time online transaction feature eliminates delays and enables swift access to the transferred funds, enhancing the efficiency of your business operations. Additionally, you can receive notifications on all funds sent directly through our state-of-the-art dashboard, providing you with peace of mind regarding your fund disbursements

Upgrade Your Fund Disbursement System Today!

With access to the latest Open API payment standards and the trust of over 200 businesses across Southeast Asia, Ayoconnect is confident that we can answer the needs of your business' fund transfer needs, providing the best possible solution to upgrading your payment system infrastructure. From one-time bank transfers to recurring online transfers for salary disbursements and vendor payouts, Ayoconnect's FAST Disbursement solution (powered by BI-FAST) offers a seamless and hassle-free experience for all transaction activities.

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