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How to Craft Attention-Grabbing Narratives by Osel Sakadewa

How to Craft Attention-Grabbing Narratives by Osel Sakadewa

September 25, 2021

On Saturday, 25 September 2021, Ayoconnect's Sr. Business Development Manager Osel Sakadewa, shared his professional experience as a speaker in Glints Expert Class about how to craft attention-grabbing narrative.

He opened his class by characterizing a story as the key narrative that could lead to an occurrence that transforms an insignificant object into something noteworthy. He then continued explaining that by doing so, a story will engage inside the audience's brain, making our points memorable and henceforth, create a solid relationship with the audience.

“Telling a high-quality story is just as essential as the product’s quality since people remember the story you tell rather than the product itself. The story you tell should encompass the circumstance you're in, the difficulty you're dealing with, the turning moment, and how you overcome the problems,” Osel elaborated.

Aside from that, Osel also encouraged all business development professionals to grasp the audience or client through great storytelling. Consequently, emphasizing the circumstance, problem, and business point that your solution will solve in your sales presentation is critical to capture the reader's attention.

Osel later remarked, "Stories connect and grab people. As a result, most great leaders are excellent storytellers.”

Ways To Craft Attention-Grabbing Headlines?

A strong title should persuade readers or a particular target audience to read your article as marketing tools. There are numerous measures you may take these tip to create a catchy headline:

Summarize the subject matter for engaging headline

You have just one short sentence at the top of a page to convey your story's core idea to make audience attract to your article, whether you're creating a headline for a blog post, print publication, or an online news site. Reduce your story to its bare essentials and include it in your headline to entice readers curiosity to continue reading for more information.

Find the hook without spoiling the ending

A hook line (or header) serves to capture attention reader in and motivate them to devote time and effort to your content. Although you don't want to reveal the most thrilling portion of the narrative in the title, you nevertheless want it to stand out. A strong header provides the reader with enough information to pique their interest and keep them reading all the way to the finish.

Be straightforward

It may be tempting to write a vague headline that entices readers to click to learn more when creating an eye-catching internet header, but you should refrain from doing this because it may mislead your readers. Avoid purposefully misleading readers with a clickbait headline that doesn't accurately summarize the substance of the story because it could harm the reputation of your publication.

Make an emotional appeal

The tone and storyline of your story may be more in your hands when writing a feature article than they would be when writing a regular news piece. The success of a feature story depends on the author's capacity to keep the reader's interest throughout the entire work. Nevertheless, convincing them to read the story in the first place is one of the trickier portions. Because your title is the first thing readers will see, it must be powerful or pose a query that they will want your narrative to address.

Proofread and fact-check

Always review your headlines to spot any grammatical errors, missing words, improper punctuation, or misuse of certain words. Make sure you use the appropriate usage while utilizing a thesaurus to locate alternative words or synonyms. Make sure your headline has factual information by fact-checking it, especially if it contains numbers or counts.

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