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How Ayoconnect Scales Up Indonesia's Financial Ecosystem

How Ayoconnect Scales Up Indonesia's Financial Ecosystem

Around 50% of Indonesia's 270 million population are underserved by financial institutions due to a weak infrastructure. Improving Indonesia's financial inclusion rate requires a solution that could scale up the ecosystem as a whole.

On Tuesday, 25 May 2021, Ayoconnect's CEO and Founder Jakob Rost took the Scaleup stage of Scaleup Impact Summit 2021 with Angelhub's Head of Investment Strategy Nicolas Breitburd. During the 15-minutes session, Jakob highlighted the challenges faced by Indonesia's financial institutions in improving the access to financial services for Indonesia's underbanked population.

In addition to the geographical challenge of being an archipelago, Indonesia's financial ecosystem also suffers from a weak infrastructure. As the leading financial API platform in Indonesia, Ayoconnect strives to solve this challenge by building the necessary infrastructure through API-driven solutions.

"Ayoconnect's financial API platform connects over 1,000 companies to two million online and offline payment points all over the country. With just a one-time integration, these companies could instantly reach 25 million end users across Indonesia," explained Jakob.

Click the link below to download our video and deck presentation at Scaleup Impact Summit 2021.