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"Cracking Investors for Your Startup Fund": Sesi Mentoring COO Ayoconnect di HIMFEST Binus

"Cracking Investors for Your Startup Fund": Sesi Mentoring COO Ayoconnect di HIMFEST Binus

October 10, 2021

HIMFEST is an online conference organized by the Management Student Association (HIMME) of Binus University. This annual event, which has been held for the fifth time, also invited Maliekah Harjani, Investment Associate of AC Ventures, and Martyn Terpilowski, Founder of Bhumi Varta Technology.

During this occasion, Chiragh shared his insight with over 500 webinar participants about how and what strategy to take to attract investment from investors.

"Most small businesses or startup begin with financing from personal savings, bank loans, and loans from friends or family. However, the funding that comes from investors or venture capital gives the business wings to grow and become more advanced,” explained Chiragh.

Chiragh also mentioned numerous things that should be prepared before approaching investors, such as a good business model, market size study results, a list of competitors in the same industry, how much funds will be required, and a solid core team.

Chiragh also gave tips that were based on his personal experience as both a founder and an angel investor. Firstly, getting a recommendation from strategic advisors or other company founders will help streamline the fundraising process. Furthermore, business founders should also aim to get featured in the news and send regular newsletters to investors to provide regular information on the company's progress and achievements. Finally, joining several accelerator and incubator programs like Surge, Y Combinator, or Telkom Indigo will also make the fundraising process easier.

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