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Gojek Collaborating with Ayoconnect, GoPay Expands Their Payment Solutions

Gojek Collaborating with Ayoconnect, GoPay Expands Their Payment Solutions

October 22, 2021

Financial API platform Ayoconnect announced its strategic collaboration with GoPay in 2022, Gojek’s super app, one of the largest digital company in Southeast Asia payment and financial services platform. Through integration with Ayoconnect's Digital Products API, GoPay has expanded their bill payment features in GoTagihan to include 21 categories from leading service providers, partner and merchant.

API (Application Programming Interface) is an intermediary software that allows multiple applications or institutions to integrate and talk to each other. Ayoconnect's API ecosystem connects financial information from a number of data collection points. Integration with Ayoconnect's API ecosystem allows online platforms to quickly and easily launch financial services to their users.

Chieka Ramadhani as Ayoconnect's VP Sales Partnership responded, "Ayoconnect is proud to be trusted by GoPay to provide bill payment services that can be accessed by all GoPay users, so GoPay users can easily make payments anywhere and anytime. Going forward, Ayoconnect will continue to strive to create innovations to strengthen API-based financial infrastructure in Indonesia."

GoPay’s Head of Digital Inclusion, Arno Tse, said, "GoPay continues to expand its features to help our customers manage their finances better, one of which is through simplifying the process of paying recurring bills through GoTagihan. We are confident that paying bills through online channels will continue to be widely adopted along with the increasing adoption of digital transactions in all activities.”

Through GoTagihan, customer IDs are also stored automatically, making it easier for customers to process payments in the following month. Currently, Gojek users can pay more than 1,140 recurring bills including water, prepaid and postpaid electricity, BPJS insurance, property tax, and more with this payment method.

About Ayoconnect

Ayoconnect is Indonesia's largest API platform. It enables developers to choose from a wide range of financial white-label products on Ayoconnect’s API platform and quickly launch them to their users. Ayoconnect remains in the background, focused on building and operating the necessary infrastructure while allowing their clients to monetize and expand their business in a fast and massive way.

Founded in 2016, Ayoconnect’s API stack has seen rapid adoption. It is trusted by more than 1,000 Indonesian companies, including leading banks, retailers, e-commerce, fintech, and e-wallets such as Bank Mandiri, DANA e-wallet, Indomaret, and Bukalapak. Ayoconnect’s APIs process more than 300 million API hits annually.

Ayoconnect has raised a total of USD 15 million (IDR 214.5 billion) from leading local and international institutional investors. Ayoconnect's Pre-Series B investors include BRI Ventures, Bank BRI's corporate venture capital unit; Indonesia’s AC Ventures, headed by Chairman of the Indonesian Fintech Association Pandu Sjahrir; Kakaku, a public company listed on the Tokyo Exchange (TYO); and Finch Capital among others. Ayoconnect continues expanding its ecosystem to accelerate financial inclusion and adoption of embedded finance throughout Indonesia.