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Ayoconnect’s CFO, Alex Jatra, Became A Speaker at Kisel Group’s Webinar

Ayoconnect’s CFO, Alex Jatra, Became A Speaker at Kisel Group’s Webinar

On Friday, 20 August 2021, Ayoconnect's CFO Alex Jatra participated as a speaker in a webinar organized by the Kisel Group.

Kisel Group was established in 1996 as an internal support entity of Telkomsel. Today, Kisel Group has transformed into an infrastructure provider for telecommunication services, general services, and distribution channels that operates in 54 different offices across Indonesia. The Gelas Kopi webinar is an employee development initiative that is held every week for the employees of Kisel Group.

Alex' webinar session was joined by 100 Kisel Group employees who are eager to improve their business acumen. In celebration of national MSME’s day, the webinar discussed how APIs could help drive Indonesian MSMEs' growth.

Alex explained, “MSMEs in Indonesia are faced with three major hurdles in the middle of the pandemic. They have difficulties in obtaining raw materials, they experience declining demand as a result of decreased consumption in the households, and they face interruption in the distribution of their products. The three problems have resulted in reduced income, profit margins, and employee numbers.”

Digital Product API has the potential to assist Indonesian MSMEs in overcoming those challenges. According to a research by McKinsey & Company, demand for digital products during the pandemic remains high. For MSME owners, selling digital products are beneficial as they only require a low capital. Digital products are also constantly in demand, and the fully online process makes sourcing and distributing digital products unaffected by mobility restrictions.

Ayoconnect's API-driven solutions build the necessary infrastructure that integrates hundreds of digital product providers with offline and online channel partners.

“We hope to accelerate Indonesia's digital transformation and financial inclusion with our API infrastructure. We believe that connecting and integrating the entire financial ecosystem can help drive MSMEs' business growth,” said Alex.

Kisel Groups' Sales Director Mr. Muhammad Asrullah appreciated Ayoconnect's innovation.

"Ayoconnect has a distinct line of business that has the potential to become the key driver of digital business growth in the future. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to closely collaborate with Ayoconnect," said Mr. Asrul.

Ayoconnect is Indonesia's largest API platform. It enables developers to choose from a wide range of financial white-label products on Ayoconnect’s API platform and quickly launch them to their users. We embrace diversity with open hands to create an empowering, inclusive, and nurturing work environment.

Ever since founded in 2016, Ayoconnect’s API stack has seen rapid adoption. It is trusted by more than 1,000 Indonesian companies, including leading banks, retailers, e-commerce, fintech, and e-wallets such as Bank Mandiri, DANA, Indomaret, and Bukalapak. Ayoconnect’s APIs process more than 300 million API hits annually.  

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