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Ayoconnect Partnership delivers New Ticketing and Travel Productivity Apps for KAI

Ayoconnect Partnership delivers New Ticketing and Travel Productivity Apps for KAI

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April 22, 2022

JAKARTA, Indonesia (21 April, 2022)Ayoconnect, Southeast Asia's largest open finance platform, has partnered with PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI), the state-owned sole operator of public railways in Indonesia. The partnership aims to make life more convenient for the six million users of the KAI Access mobile app which now includes a host of new ticketing and productivity on-the-go features.

The partnership initially embeds three of Ayoconnect’s open finance services into the KAI Access app allowing users to buy cellular phone credits, internet data subscriptions, and electricity tokens - the three most sought-after products for passengers.

Future embedded offerings will include the option to buy game vouchers, open a bank account, top-up digital wallets, and pay other bills, such as insurance premiums, and cable TV and internet subscriptions, all directly from the KAI Access app.

These new passenger convenience features increase the stickiness of the app and make travelers more productive on journeys, which can last up to an hour for city loop journeys and between two and 19 hours for interstate trips.

The partnership also enables KAI to expand its ticket booking channels beyond KAI Access and a limited number of e-commerce and supermarket chains. Ayoconnect’s embedded API approach enables its ecosystem of 120 retailers serving over 50 million end customers to offer KAI tickets, without the need for costly or time-consuming IT systems integrations.

These retail partners include e-commerce platforms, fintech applications, and O2O (online-to-offline) agent networks. Future plans for the partnership include Ayoconnect becoming KAI’s leading ticket aggregator, and handling all ticket distribution with KAI’s existing and future partners.

As well as offering direct bank transfers, KAI Access users can choose to pay for their purchases with cash through offline payment points or via the KAI pay or LinkAja digital wallets.

Joni Martinus, VP Public Relations at KAI, says: “KAI is committed to continuously innovating and adapting in order to provide satisfaction to customers. KAI continues to carry out sustainable digital transformation in order to serve faster and better.”

Jakob Rost, CEO and Co-Founder at Ayoconnect, comments: “Working on the KAI Access app has highlighted the power of partnerships. By embedding a selection of Ayoconnect’s ecosystem of financial products in the app, KAI has made traveling easier for its customers and increased KAI’s income streams, without the cost or delay of conventional integration projects. This is a partnership model we are extending to the wider Indonesian economy, making it easier and faster for businesses to launch digital finance products and promoting financial inclusion for everyone.”

Train travel is a highly popular mode of transport in Indonesia. Before the Covid pandemic, KAI carried 429 million passengers in 2019 and 47.2 million tonnes of cargo across Indonesia’s 5,000 km of track. KAI has consistently prioritized innovation, releasing a  number of service innovations, including the KAI Access app, which has been widely enjoyed by the public.

Ayoconnect is transforming business and finance in Indonesia. It is making it easier and faster for organizations like KAI, as well as banks, to launch new products and its API-led approach is driving greater financial inclusion by opening up digital payments to people without access to traditional financial services. Ayoconnect offers more than 4,000 embedded finance products and serves more than 200 customers, including some of the region’s largest banks, financial institutions, tech unicorns, and fintech.

About Ayoconnect

Ayoconnect is Southeast Asia’s largest open finance API platform. It enables product managers and developers to choose from a wide range of embedded finance and data solutions to grow their business. Ayoconnect remains in the background, focused on building and operating its unique full stack financial API infrastructure while allowing its clients to unlock new revenues and expand.

Founded in 2016, Ayoconnect’s API stack has seen rapid adoption. It is trusted by more than 200 companies, including leading banks, retailers, e-commerce, fintech, and e-wallets such as Bank Mandiri, DANA, Indomaret, and Bukalapak. Ayoconnect processes more than 500 million API hits annually. For more information, visit