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Grow recurring revenue faster and smarter.

The Recurring Payments Management (RPM) API by Ayoconnect allows you to easily manage and collect recurring payments for your subscription business.

What our RPM API offers

Easily manage your customer receivables for recurring payments

Our RPM API allows you to manage who to charge, when to charge, what to charge and how to charge. All in one dashboard, giving you maximum visibility and control.

Say good-bye to manual reconciliation

With Ayoconnect's RPM API, you can save all those hours manually tracking and reconciling your customer receivables, while eliminating admin mistakes.

Give your customers peace of mind

By automating recurring payments, your customer doesn't have to remember when and how much to pay you anymore. They to perceive you as a trustworthy service provider that has their best interests in mind.

The easiest way to manage customer receivables

Easily upload customer data
You can simply transfer your existing customer data into our dashboard.
Full visibility over all instructions
See at once glance which recurring payments are active, inactive or cancelled.
Minimise failed payments
Failed payments can happen. Our API allows you to set automatic retries, so you can recover the funds, while creating a smoother experience for your customers.
Get insights into every subscriber's lifecycle
Get a deeper understanding of your customer by seeing how and when they upgrade, downgrade or renew their subscriptions.

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